Beyond the Trees


Photography has inspired Engel throughout his travels to focus on expressions in nature that echoes our natural surroundings from a different frame of reference. The photographs themselves were taken early morning on a remote beach in Costa Rica. The Pacific had just receded into the low tide and in its wake, etched detailed tree-like formations into the sand, leaving them to survive for only a brief period of time.

By using the color palate of the original images, and detailed multi-layered natural elements for the backgrounds, Engel increases the light sensitivity and glow bringing the works to life in a complex holographic way. Through this modern technique, Engel (by extension) is creating a bridge between design by nature and design by artist, leaving at the foreground a certain corresponding truth. The final works evoke memories of dark surreal forested landscapes reminiscent of 19th Century Dutch impressionists.

Materials: Acrylic, Resin, glitter ON WOOD.

big tree alt