Artist Statement

As a visual artist with emphasis on mixed media, I specialize in crafting intricate, three-dimensional wall sculptures that seamlessly blend technological influences with the organic essence of nature. My creative process involves the fusion of digital imagery with layers of resin and natural materials, resulting in a captivating interplay of figurative and abstract subjects set against complex textural backdrops. Within my sculptures, images unfold through the meticulous layering of resin, natural materials, pigments, and textures, establishing a rich tapestry of visual and tactile experiences. The intriguing relationship and visual convergence between the digital image and tangible organic elements serve as a focal point of my artistic curiosity. This exploration delves into the nuanced juxtaposition between the digital and analog realms. This dynamic interplay inspires me to continually innovate, seeking novel methods to imbue my creations with an enhanced sense of corporeality and depth.